Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mer Ka Ba, Ascension Tool for 2012

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"Mer-Ka-Ba means 'spirit light body'. It is one of the seven bodies through which our consciousness can express itself. Through this vehicle, our capacity can become limitless since the Mer-ka-ba can act through all dimensions and parallel universes as guided by our consciousness. In other words, we escape the illusionary boundaries of time and space..." 

~Chris Bourne

Why might Mer-Ka-Ba be emerging as an insight potential to be considered, at this time? Timing and the ascension process; for those individuals who are embracing the next step in the evolutionary journey of mankind.

To more fully appreciate what Mer-Ka-Ba might mean to you perhaps having an historical perspective will prove valuable.

Please relax and settle into this brilliantly crafted video that covers many complex and previously not considered episodes from our 'pre-history'.

This is a perspective spoken of by numerous visionaries, mystics, spiritual-adepts, researchers and seekers of truth as mankind attempts to recover it's lineage as we move forward into our new phase of being.

The video is long and very comprehensive; you may wish to modify how you view it to conform with your tastes for receiving and perhaps view it in phases with time to reflect between viewings.

Insight-filled viewing tips include:

  • What emotions are you aware of when you view each topic; do any seem somehow familiar.
  • Does viewing this video confirm any thoughts, feelings or memories of yours?
  • Is your curiosity about one or more of these areas of consciousness heightened?

Spirit Science - The Human History Movie

offered through Spirit Science

Now lets get specific as we continue to seek enhanced insight into Mer-Ka-Ba and it's value to you and me.

"The hologram of love (or Merkaba) is the sacred geometric pattern which gave birth to the whole universe. It is based on unconditional love, so it must be the pattern of unconditional love, because everything in the universe resonates to it, no matter what it is or what dimension it's in. That means that you and I, as human beings, also have that pattern within us, so we are actually walking, talking unconditional love. We always have been, we've just never recognized it."
~Alton Kamadon

In my view, time is of the essence when it comes to embracing your preparation for ascension. Enhancing your relationship with your light-body and understanding both it's attributes and how to align with it's highest functioning is a vital key in ascension preparedness; as is timely action. Please enjoy

Merkabah, The Chariot of Ascension

This video provides a great understanding of what Mer-Ka-Ba is and how it enhances your consciousness through it's ability to travel interdimensionally.

offered through Butterflygris

Now, perhaps, it's time to try on your light-Body tool
With use of this tool you can begin to explore the other dimensions of your matrix you awareness 
Please relax into your viewing of

Light Body/Merkaba Activation Light Attunements

Offered by AnritaMelchizedek

You now have an historical perspective; an identification of a ascension-related tool and a framework within which to work to explore all of the dimensions within which you exist (we are multidimensional beings) using your new ascension tool!

Imagine what awaits you with your further exploration into all the unknown facets of you; as using your light-tool, this Mer-Ka-Ba, may set you free of even more false-beliefs you have unconsciously associated with fear/pain.

All of these fear-based associations rob you and me of truly experiencing the beautiful unfiltered universe that exists within and without (your world experience).

Enjoy your spiritual 'playtime' with this Mer-Ka-Ba ascension tool as you prepare for ascension and beyond.

Dave Kenyon

***Please share this link wherever your inner guidance directs it!***

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