Sunday, March 25, 2012

David Wilcock: Occupy Yourself

"You have to balance both the love of self and the love of others to be the most expedient on your path. When you can do that, what will happen is that more and more, your reality will speak back to you of love. You will feel loved, and you will have greater success and greater potential."
 ~David Wilcock

Recently we've seen 'Occupy Wall Street' and it's offshoots in many cities; this movement is focused upon a need to move away from greed and into awareness of shared need.  What does David Wilcock mean by 'Occupy Yourself'?

Who is David Wilcock and why is getting in touch with his teachings valuable for me; you might ask?

David is a professional researcher, film maker and lecturer who invests his considerable focused energies upon discovery of the relationship between extraterrestrials, the emerging new paradigm and our developing consciousness; as individuals and as a collective Earth species.

To learn more about David; please check out his web presence at 
Divine Cosmos

Why are you and I here; what are our individual and collective missions, during this transformational period?  What core values will support you best; as you seek enhanced success on your journey through ascension and beyond?

David offers his keys to personal spiritual development and addresses:

  • All spiritual traditions tell us we are here to learn to Love!
  • Service to others.
  • Seek the Heart of the Self.
  • Our Agenda as Souls.
  • The Fools Equation; "if I get _______ I will be happy."
  • If I am whole, peaceful and happy, then I will attract _______.
  • Approaching your Higher Self.
  • The Original Wound
  • In Forgiveness lies the Stoppage of The Wheel of Karma.
  • Divination and Meditation are tools for approaching the Higher Self.
  • Learning from Cosmic mind.
  • Much, much more.

David offers his research-based viewpoint and more in his following video:

David Wilcock: Occupy Your Self! 

Personal Spiritual Development

I hope you enjoyed engaging with David Wilcock's message of alignment with the ascension process and movement into 4Th dimensional experience and beyond.

Your time is now; your enlightened future lies ahead.

Which, if any, of David's areas of focus, addressed by the video, will you now be investing greater focused attention and action?

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