Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wizard of Insight - Good Vibrations through Coherence


What is Coherence?
Welcome to our look for even insight into how our vibrational coherency effects our life experience and all facets of our relationship with all that is. 

As you extend your awareness into this Wizard of Insight awareness matrix; let's take a look at the principle of coherency within our vibrational universe.

This blog is dedicated to enhanced awareness designed to foster your growth and enlightenment on your spiritual journey into the light. 


First a short video where Hazel Courteney, renown British writer, speaks to what is in her book,
Countdown to Coherence.


Hazel continues with her definition of
What is Coherence?

Toni Petrinovich, mediphysicial minister, provides yet another intriguing defination for coherence in this quotation below.

"Coherency is the natural state of all life. All of manifestation thrives in coherent frequencies of vibration. The human being creates this signature frequency through the heart, the voice of the soul."
~Toni Elizabeth Sar'h Petrinovich 
Doctor of Metaphysics International Metaphysical Minister

For this dialog, let us explore the teachings of Toni Elizabeth Sar'h Petrinovich, Doctor of Metaphysics, as she speaks to vibrational cohesion in her video below.


Flood Your Enlightened Self With Your Divinity

                                                                   Sacred Sarrah

Now, let's consider how the 3 Portals effect your ability to gain awareness and insights that may lead you to enhanced wellbeing and co-creation. How will you employ your new insights to craft an environment that will become a genuine reflection of your divine inner wisdom; your soul's perfect inner guidance system?
Which thoughts, feelings and actions do your divine within point out to your awareness that you would benefit from substituting for those that are currently keeping you stuck in a cycle of fear? 

Are your thoughts in alignment with an inner-matrix that attracts the realization of your dreams and aspirations or repels them?

Do your feelings attract that which you seek as experience or that which you fear?


What actions, in relationship to your dreams, draw them nearer and which push them away?

Yes, my friend, coherence or alignment in the 3 primary areas where you have the ability to interact with your inner-matrix is a very powerful tool for both enhanced awareness of the nature of the universe and also to upgrade your ability as a co-creator.
Always seek expansion of your awareness to point the way to enlightened insights and use substitution as the primary primary tool for enlightened living. Once identified, do your best to align with the point-of-view of your divine within to foster enhanced alignment with source energy through these 3 portals of access to your inner-matrix.
Remember, your inner-matrix crafts your lens of perception which points the way to your life's pathway.
Light & Love,



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