Sunday, October 23, 2011

We Are The Music; How is this so?

It just feels like

When that happens; it's important to understand what is going on and how to enable yourself to move forward in the direction of your dreams

There is an ocean of loving, empowering and creative energy in the universe and this ocean is expressed to you and me through numerous points-of-contact along your awareness net. At some or even all of these contact points filters are present that discourage entrance of any thought or feeling that is not in conformance with the dominant paradigm which our environment, culture, religion and family-of-origin have reinforced into place over time.


We human's-being, in our current 3rd dimension vibrational experience, tend to respond to fear-based programs that all of us have been repeatedly bombarded with. Once we reach our saturation-point our personal matrix morphs to adapt to the then new energy signature; one that is not based upon a clear view of how things are but one based upon fear of becoming

After generations of cultural-crafting measures, each of us has a somewhat diminished connection to our divine inner-guidance system; the source within.

It's time for a spiritual house cleaning. Seek to upgrade your relationship with yourself; to discover your soul's true music

Find your own pathway and your own template by alignment with the divine within. Your only limits are those you hold to through unconscious agreements linked with various gateways within your personal matrix.

Please take a few minutes to allow the thoughts on We Are The Music video to align with your consciousness. Explore your impressions seeking even more insight into the nature of your relationship with the universe and yourself. 

Yes, you've got your music in you as I have mine in me.

Focusing upon staying true to your natural vibrational rhythm makes for a life in harmony with your souls intention for your cycle through 3-D Earth School experience.

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"Stop looking for answers from without
You are rich beyond all measure
Within" ~Alison Stormwolf

As you enjoy the energy of Jump5 please look for insight into how the music of the universe expresses from your unique and beautiful perspective and how that perspective adjusts to the amount of your inner light you allow to shine from within/out.

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