Thursday, July 28, 2011

Frequency Sweep

Welcome back fellow explorers. Today's post investigates the ongoing frequency sweep which we are experiencing as our galaxy is being aligned to expand into 4th & 5th dimensional operation.
We open our dialog with a video by Gregg Braden;



When we consider Gregg's thesis, from the video, he is focusing upon how complexity increases as pulse frequency increases. This aligns with the notion that what he refers to as a frequency sweep involves the access to a higher frequency energy pattern for our Earth.

This pattern oscillates at a higher frequency and that higher frequency interacts with both our environment, our DNA and our consciousness allowing 5th dimensional energy to present itself to our awareness and thus into a much higher frequency alignment with all we relate to.

Remember, we are in relationship with everything as Deeksha/ Oneness Law teaches us.

The consciousness expansion that Oneness opens for us leads us to a place of reverence with Earth and all of it's component environmental aspects; from humans through single-celled organisms; from plants through minerals. We come to see that we are interrelated to all that is.

As Mother Teresa points out, we, as individuals and social groups, often paint our connectedness with very narrow boundaries. We fail to see our interrelationships with so many others on our planet and thus our thinking about problems and issues that are truly global in nature fails to encompass many of the relationships needed for meaningful change to occur.

"For its reflective and inventive forward spring it is in some sort necessary that Life, duplicating its evolutionary motive center, should henceforth be sustained by two centers of action, separate and conjoined, one of consciousness and the other of complexity.... In hominised evolution the Physical and the Psychic, the Without and the Within, Matter and Consciousness, are all found to be functionally linked in one tangible process."
  ~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


As consciousness expands the resulting new insights lead the spiritual explorer to be exposed to greater numbers of acceptable choices; yes, to greater complexity. Though the dynamics of consciousness expansion often leads the explorer in search for greater insight into "the heart of the matter"; enhanced insight into simplifying complexity.

"Out of clutter, find simplicity." ~Albert Einstein

The seeming paradox between the two sides of any issue foster the uncovering of deeper meaning from experience is where the sages have always found the most meaning and the most valuable insights that do incite action from us.

Just as the ancient Chinese scholars and priests found meaning within the study of the ideogram; we too may discover deeper insight as we open to our process of discovery which first leads us to witnessing the diversity within ideas and ultimately to our search for the simplicity that is found at the core of all the new choices we uncover.

Happiness Ideogram

Actions that suit us best are those that foster enhanced alignment with the divine within/source energy. It is through this process that we acknowledge the new vibrational energies that are flooding in through this frequency sweep. As each of us moves into a greater alignment with the power that creates planets; she/he interacts with the result of this dynamic energy through the attention we give our feelings and the embracing of the feel good emotions and distancing from the feel bad emotions.

“As you are feeling positive emotion – such as love, peace, happiness, joy, excitement, exhilaration … it is your Inner Being communicating to you in that moment that you are feeling the emotion – that your thoughts are in harmony with that which you are wanting, As you are experiencing negative emotion – such as fear or doubt, anger, hatred, jealousy, stress, guilt, anxiety .. it is a communication from your Inner Being telling you that in that moment – that which you are focused upon is not in harmony with what you are wanting.” ~ Abraham-Hicks

"That DNA is formed in the process of planetary evolution may sound ridiculous, but it can effectively be proven by something known as the DNA Phantom effect. Dr. Vladimir Poponin put DNA in a tube and shone a laser through it, and to his surprise he realized that it actually captured the light and caused it to spiral through the helix, as if it were a crystal. Even more amazingly, when Dr. Poponin removed the DNA, the light continued spiraling on its own!

For light to form a DNA helix on its own should of course be impossible — unless the light itself had become harmonically tuned to some naturally existing frequency in the energy of space around it. To me, this says that the spiraling light energy of DNA was there first, and the physical molecules simply formed around the spiraling energy once the planet was at the proper frequency position. The Galaxy is ''tuned'' to form human DNA in planetary systems wherever it gets the chance." ~David Wilcock

For our last video of this post we focus upon David Wilcock and his 

2012 DNA Upgrade

As David's video reports, the DNA upgrade which is ongoing is offering us different perspective and biological functioning' s that have been hitherto limited to only the adepts who have frequented Earth.

"Only 10% of our DNA is being used for building proteins. It is this subset of DNA that is of interest to western researchers, and it is being examined and categorized. The other 90% of the molecule is considered to be "junk DNA."
The Russian researchers, however, were convinced that nature was not so dumb. They joined linguists and geneticists in a venture to explore that 90% of "junk DNA." Their results, findings and conclusions are simply revolutionary!
According to their findings, our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body, but also serves as a means of data storage and communication." ~David Wilcock

"It is that there as, in fact, changes occurring within you. It is that your DNA exists not only biologically, but other dimensionally as well. Your scientists study the aspects of the DNA phenomenon and have learned much. What they do not yet understand is that your DNA is much more than a functioning biological entity. It is your harmonic signature Universally.

If you were to hear the tones generated by each segment of each strand of your DNA, you would find that they create a collection of harmonic frequencies that when combined, duplicate your exact harmonic frequency. That harmonic frequency is your Universal identifier. There is no other who carries that frequency which is yours. In essence, you exist with your own harmonic resonance.

Your genetic structure operates much in the way a satellite system works as a transmitter and receiver. It is your biological and energetic connection to all things not only environmental but Universal. The frequencies found within your genetic structure are very fine. Light in fact.
Knowing this, when you work inter-dimensionally, it is that your harmonic frequency is your road map to your multiple aspects as well as all other aspects…beings, places, times. 

Each has a unique frequency. It is with this awareness that you are able to travel inter-dimensionally. It is with this awareness that you are able to locate times and places, and further, it is with this awareness that you are able to access the Akashic records for the attainment of any and all knowledge that you desire.

The changes that are occurring within you at this time are a re-harmonization with all other things. This re-harmonizing is occurring by a re-patterning of the electrical communications within your genetic structure. Both within the electrical and electro magnetic impulses which communicate from one segment to the next, as well as the inter-relationships of your DNA and RNA." 
~Rev. Dr. Meg Blackburn

To live in harmony is an inside-out life experience. As the structure and expression of your DNA and RNA change then you must realign your thoughts and associated feelings to a place where you are in alignment with both your heightened consciousness and the actions and linked feelings that nurture the attainment of your powerful intentions.

The new energy is in alignment with  unconditional love for self and all else in your environment. The energy of love frequency offers a quickened pulse and to harmonize with that new frequency we must be in alignment with the divine within/source energy.

We best experience this new frequency by seeking it's expression in our daily lives; noticing, with gratitude, those events, experiences and people who we encounter that are a vibrational match with our intentions and with our unique energy signature.

Until our next post, let us focus upon looking at the following set of self-questions as a method of gaining this alignment:

  • Are my thoughts and feelings in alignment with the energy of unconditional love and acceptance?
  • What thoughts and associated feelings are diminishing me in my own mind from being unconditionally lovable?
  • Do my numerous relationships reflect love or fear-based beliefs?
As you answer these questions for yourself; what actions might you take that will foster alignment with the new energy that is coming to you through the frequency sweep's that are an aspect of our upgraded energy pattern that is now emerging?

Until my next post, know that you deserve the very best life has to offer and that as our energy frequency expands into unconditional love as we allow it to and focus our attention on the expectations that unconditional love offers.

Light & Love,

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