Saturday, June 4, 2011

Aligning Your Consciousness with a New Level of Thought - Part I - Why Go There?

As Promised, this blog will look into deeper-level insights that will guide and assist all of us who are seeking greater personal freedom and alignment with our evolving galactic consciousness.

I am hopeful that we will also engage in dialog with one another that will foster this personal growth and enhanced consciousness.

Today's post will focus upon the benefits of alignment with the aforementioned evolving global consciousness and some significant tips, tools and techniques for doing so.

Our first video of today's post is entitled;

Rediscovery: bringing consciousness to a new level 

by Paul Baraka, please check out his YouTube link at:

Baraka Music

"Freedom is actually a bigger game than power. Power is about what you can control. Freedom is about what you can unleash." - Harriet Rubin

 As we focus upon the differences between power and true freedom we gain insights such as:
  • Power involves closing down energy and freedom involves releasing energy.
  • Power is ego-involved and true freedom is about letting go of fear-based beliefs and attitudes.
  • Power establishes inequality and true freedom is alignment with equality for all.

"Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth."
~Ludwig Borne 

Our society and certain self-interest groups have programmed you and me; most-all-of-us; using fear-based beliefs for generations now. This fear-based conditioning has worked to keep the masses in line and for us to be more easily controlled and manipulated.

"We are like icebergs in the ocean: one-eighth part consciousness and the rest submerged beneath the surface of articulate apprehension."
~William Alexander Gerhardie

This is a matter of historical documentation both through science and ancient prophecy and is not the point of this post; though it is relevant in providing background to enhance our mutual understanding of the model I will be presenting; over time, through this blog. 

This is a type of transformational process collaborative-learning model program I call,

 I will let you in on more in the next post. 

Our focus today is; what is this galactic consciousness upgrade that is ongoing and what is a good working model for opening our collaborations?

My bias is to present a model; not to say that it is a 'perfect' model. When doing so, we have a common model through which to experience our insight-focused journey together.

Now it's time for our model of today;

Galactic River of Consciousness

a video with David Wilcock as our guide into his model of this galactic upgrade. Please enjoy; entering the experience with an open mind and in search of insights you can use to transform your life!

Check out more Visionary Art by Dana Lynne Andersen

Please remember; this blog is meant to be as interactive as possible.  Please offer your insights, awareness, and your own clarifying questions into our mix!

Thanks for joining me on my journey in search of insights that fuel an enhanced relationship with self; consciousness of Oneness; and alignment with the Divine Within!

Yours Insightfully,


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